So, I’m obligated to state my purpose for writing this blog, which I’m getting very hung up on so I’m just going to blurt it out, like I do with almost all of my thoughts and emotions…which is probably why I’m not a CEO or President of the US by now…wait…

Anyway, I’ve always loved food; I went to school for it and I worked in the restaurant industry for many years before hanging up my chef’s coat for a blazer and slacks (which suck, btw) and lately I also have begun to really enjoy wine, to say I’m a novice wine enthusiast is an understatement but it’s definitely a subject I’m eager to learn more about. Everyone pairs wine with big meals for big families or dinner parties so I felt it was time to pair them with what really matters to a 30 year old cat lady such as me: Snacks. Snacks and movies. I can’t promise that this will be well written (many run-on sentences and tangent-y rants), I can’t promise that I won’t swear or even that I know what I’m doing but at least I’ll amuse myself in the process and hopefully some other cat lady out there will get some use of this. Sometimes it might be a fancier snack, sometimes it’ll be a store-bought dip, who freaking cares, it’s my snack.  I do what I want.